Don't walk the line alone
Let us help keep away the drought

Don't walk the line alone
Let us help keep away the drought


All strategies deployed by Pacini Hatfield Investments follow a core set of methodology principles to strive for consistent and predictable results.

Risk Management

The primary goal of any PHI strategy is to limit or reduce down-side risk of the portfolio. Short-term option expirations enable quick adjustment to changing market conditions.

Systematic Discipline

Stringent internal metrics and predictive market outlooks drive the decision-making, not emotion. PHI execution aims for consistency instead of risky bets for big wins.

Market Intelligence

Real-time data feeds, proprietary mathematical and statistical analysis, and experienced principals identify market movements and optimal investment decisions.

Achieve Your Financial Goals

The experience and expertise of Pacini Hatfield Investments may be an essential tool in your investing toolbox to meet your desired financial goals.


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